Virtual Gallery

Step into a new realm of virtual event production with our state-of-the-art streaming gallery. Designed to deliver streaming quality, interactivity, and engagement, our gallery combines advanced technology and professional-grade equipment to create captivating virtual experiences.

At the heart of our streaming gallery is a powerful PC server running VMIX, a leading live production and streaming software. This robust setup ensures smooth and seamless live streaming and switching of your virtual events.
With Zoom ISO and NDI technology, we provide seamless integration with remote participants, allowing for real-time collaboration and interactive sessions. This ensures that your virtual events feel immersive and engaging for all attendees. Running in conjunction with Zoom ISO are 6x Zoom drone PC’s for redundancy.

Audio quality is crucial for a captivating virtual experience, which is why we’ve incorporated 2x Genelec audio monitors and a Midas M32R audio console. These professional-grade audio components ensure crystal-clear sound and precise control over audio mixing and routing. Included ar 2x Shure MV7 for talk back purposes, facilitating smooth communication between the technical team, speakers, and production team.

Reliable internet connectivity is essential for uninterrupted streaming, which is why our streaming gallery includes a 100mbps up/down 1 to 1 contention fibre line bonded internet solutions to maximize bandwidth and ensure a stable connection. In addition, we prioritize the continuity of your virtual events by implementing backup power solutions, ensuring that power outages or technical glitches do not interrupt the streaming experience.

Our streaming gallery also provides comprehensive event production support. With 2x presentation computers, a remote clicker, and stage timers, you can seamlessly manage and deliver engaging presentations and content during your virtual events.
Whether you’re hosting conferences, webinars, product launches, or interactive workshops, our streaming gallery is equipped to handle the technical demands and deliver professional-grade virtual event experiences. Our dedicated team of experts will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and deliver a seamless and impactful virtual event that exceeds your expectations.

45m² Studio Floor

Studio two offers a spacious floor area of 45m² that is fully acoustically treated and ready for any production .

Lounge Facilities

The studio features access to lounge facilities, providing a space for meetings and relaxation. A fully equipped kitchenette is available for your use.

Fully Air Conditioned Room


Gallery Specifications

– Vmix server with Zoom ISO and NDI
– 6 x Zoom Drone PCs
– 2 x Presentation PCs
– 2 x Shure MV7
– 2 x Genelec audio monitors
– Midas M32R audio console
– 100MB Fiber Line with 1 to 1 contention
– Microwave Link Failover Optical Fiber Line Bonded with LTE